Youth Mission Center

Thank you for visiting our website.  My name is James Johnson, and I serve as Pastor/Youth Minister here at Maranatha.  I am married to Diana and have four children, two who are young men, James III, and Derrick, and two young ladies Tenisha, and Tara.  We live in Colonial Beach, Westmoreland County, Virginia where I am also a Graphic Designer and Signmaker by trade. I received formal training from Brown's Theological Seminary in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.
In 1994, I had a heavy burden to do something special with the youth of our community.  Being led by the Spirit of God , we organized the Teens for Christ Youth Group, which turned out to have a very positive effect in our community for about 7 years. Since then we have now re-grouped with new staff members to organize the "Youth Mission Center" in 2012, which is not only focused on teens but younger children as well.   By the power and direction of God, we are determined to help make a difference in homes, churches, schools, and our communities throughout.  I strongly believe we all can take part in doing this by simply teaching, preaching and supporting the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ without compromising with the worldly trends.  I have found in recent years that by having special programs and services for the youth, we can better reach them, and by taking extra time to explain the Word of God at their level is a must to secure their future as a christian.  I also believe that teaching teens and young people on their level with visual aids, illustrations, and actual demonstrations will give them a better understanding and a clearer picture of how to live a Christian life.  In utilizing these tools will help them to better comprehend exactly what the Bible says about handling peer pressure, coping with failures, overcoming fears, and how to live victorious in today's society.
Please pray for us that God will continue to bless, not only this ministry but others like it.  I believe we can, together with God and our supporters, reach enough of our youth to see the difference that this community, country, and world so desperately needs.  I am willing to do all I can to make that difference, so please join me if you can.
If your schedule will not allow you to take a physical part in this ministry, but you believe that this is a worth while ministry, we would greatly appreciate your support with a contribution of your choice.  Thank you and may the Lord forever bless and keep you safe in His care.  
If there is ever a need in your community where you feel that this ministry could be of service, please do not hesitate to call me.
Our Mission

Youth Mission Center is a youth serving organization dedicated to enhancing and assisting young people in realizing and developing the essential skills for living through the promotion of health, social, educational, vocational, leadership and character development experiences.

Our Goals

Sponsoring classes to help young children & teens learn to be accepting of themselves, and empower them to give and receive unconditional love.  Sponsoring hands-on workshops to prevent criminal behaviors by building caring, trusting, responsible relationships between the youth and their parents and peers, through the study of  the Word of God.  Topics include key biblical principles of positive youth development such as building "Competence, Usefulness, Belonging and Power to Accomplish Goals".

To construct a building that would provide safe and adequate areas such as, classrooms for teaching, dinning hall, council room, gymnasium for indoor sports, & separate areas to provide affordable "before & after school childcare and daycare".

To provide the highest quality childcare, social, and mental health services designed to strengthen families and individuals.  Programs to build healthy relationships and promote self-sufficiency throughout our community and all of the Northern Neck Region of Virginia.

Our New 2020 Fundraiser


Dear Friends, 

Please allow me to inform you of a priceless ministry that is now blessing our community.  It is the YOUTH MISSION CENTER.  The YOUTH MISSION CENTER is an Official Nonprofit Organization that originated in Westmoreland County, in December 1994 under the auspices of the Maranatha Baptist Bible Church.  We serve Youth from Westmoreland, King George, Essex, Richmond, Stafford and surrounding Counties.  It is supported by the gifts and donations received from area churches, local businesses, and individual contributions of friends and youth member parents/guardians.  

Our fundraising goal for the year 2020 is $100,000.00, to purchase a building for the Youth Mission Center.  This building will be designed to house class, meeting and counseling rooms and a fellowship Hall.

Any donation or contribution of the items listed on the attached list would be greatly appreciated.

Through gifts and donations from folks just like you, we are able to continue this effort and to provide programs and services for the youth.  We hope that you decide to support this much needed ministry. If you prefer, you may make a one time donation, or you may make a donation in any amount of your choice. WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE TO DO, THE YOUTH MISSION CENTER’S STAFF THANKS YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT. 

Remember, all contributions are tax deductible.  You will receive a quarterly or an annual report of the Center’s financial statement and a certificate of your contributions upon your request.

Contributions can be mailed to:  YOUTH MISSION CENTER

                                                    Maranatha Baptist Bible Church

                                                    P.O. Box 1026

                                                    Colonial Beach, VA  22443 


James M. Johnson, Jr.

Pastor, Maranatha Baptist Bible Church


Ph: 540.419.5001 (cell)




For your contribution of   $20 - $99.00

1.    An ad of your name/company listed in our monthly newsletter for 6 months.

2.   Your name/company listed in our ad space on our website for 6 months.

3.   Certificate for taxes (if requested).



For your contribution of   $100.00

1.  You will receive a (5x7) plaque with your name/company and level of contribution on it.

2.  An ad of your name/company listed in our monthly newsletter for 1 year.

3.  Your name/company listed in our ad space on our website for 1 year.

4.  Certificate for taxes (if requested)



For your contribution of   $250.00

1.  You will receive a (7x9) plaque with your name/company and level of contribution on it.

2.    2.  An ad of your name/company listed in our monthly newsletter for 1 year.

3.    3.  Your name/company listed in our ad space on our website for 1 year.

       4.  Certificate for taxes (if requested).




For your contribution of   $500.00

1.  You will receive a (9x12) plaque with your name and level of contribution.

2.  An ad with your name/company listed in our monthly newsletter for 1 year.

3.  Your name/company listed in our ad space on our website for 1 year.

4.  Certificate for taxes (if requested).


For your contribution of   $1,000.00

1.  You will receive a (11x13) plaque with your name/company and level of contribution.

2.  An ad of your name/company listed in our monthly newsletter for 1 year.

3.  Your name/company listed in our ad space on our website for 1 year.

4.  Your name/company engraved in a cast memorial to be placed permanently on our building.

5.  Certificate for taxes (if requested).


You will be contacted to get info for your plaque and exact info and format for your ad within 10 days of receiving your contribution.  The Youth Mission Center Board of Directors reserve the right to review and approve or reject all submitted ADS before being submitted for publishing.


Builbing Materials

·        2x4x8, 10, 12, 16, 20  Studs ( treated & untreated )

·        2x6x12, 16  ( treated & untreated )

·        4x4x8, 12   ( treated & untreated )

·        4x8 ½, ¾,  Plywwod  ( treated & untreated )

·        Nails #6, #8, #10, #16, #20.

·        Paint & Brushes

Office Supplies

·       Computers

·       Desks

·       Tables

·       Chairs

·       White Boards, Pencils, Notebooks, Pens & Paper

·       Office Furniture

·       In-door and Outdoor trash containers

Sports Equipment

·       Baseballs, Bats & Gloves

·       Footballs

·       Basketballs & Goals

·       Volleyballs, Nets & Poles


·       (2) 15 Passenger Vans or Bus

·       (1)  Compact automobile

Kitchen Supplies

·       Paper Plates, Cups, Towels, Plastic Spoons, Forks & Knives

·       Microwave Oven

·       Refrigerator / Freezer

·       Deep Fryer

·       Toaster / Oven 


WHAT TIME?  ......  EVERY TUESDAY EVENING  @  6:00 -8:00 pm 
                                                                             Youth Mission Center – Fellowship Hall                                                                                                       
From: Route 3 Oak Grove, VA.
Take Route 205 to Colonial Beach, make right at intersection (flashing lights) of Route 205 and 628-Stoney Knoll, go one half mile East on 628 (road to Monroe Bay Campground) - Church on the right 
From: Route 301 King George, VA
Take Route 205 to Colonial Beach, bear right at McDonalds, continue approx 1.7 miles to intersection (flashing lights), make left on Route 628-Stoney Knoll, go one half mile - Church on the right
Please don't be late! You wouldn't want to miss anything ..... we start on time so that we can end on time and because some parents pick up their teens and we don't want to keep them waiting.
REMEMBER!  If you need a ride .... just give Our Youth Minister a call to arrange a ride or CALL one of the administrative staff members for MORE INFORMATION.  CALL ...Youth Minister at  (804) 224-0673
Or  e-mail us at


TEEN YOUTH CENTER - a fund has been established and plans are being drawn up to build a "Youth Mission Center" in our area to accommodate the needs of our youth and teens for classroom and indoor sports activities.
ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY  - We have adopted a highway for cleanup.  This highway is located in the community of the Maranatha Baptist Bible Church on Stoney Knoll Rd near Colonial Beach, VA..
HELPING HANDS - This group of teens have come together to lend a helping hand to those who need it. Its mission is to help others who cannot do for themselves, especially the elderly or those who just need a helping hand.
FOOD DRIVE - We will be involved in taking food boxes and other needed items to those in need.
CLOTHES DRIVE - Often times, disaster hits and personal possessions are destroyed or loss and there may be a need for certain items and clothing.  We are collecting clothing to be available for distribution for emergencies.
VISITATION - Some of us will be visiting nursing homes, hospitals, those that are shut-in, those that are in prisons, the elderly, and anyone needing company.
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH - This group will be involved with local authorities in the neighborhood watch program to help protect our communities from violence, illegal drug acrivity, and other crimes.
Inspired by the joy we bring, we aim: 
To increase community awareness and aid the youth.
To help educate young people.
To feed and help the less fortunate.
To establish work programs for those willing to work
Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up-to-date on community events, accomplishments, projects and general reporting.
Contact us:

Youth Mission Center
Maranatha Baptist Bible Church
P.O. Box 1026
Colonial Beach, VA  22443
Phone: (804) 224-0673  - Youth Director
Office Hours:

Mon - Fri   10:00 AM to 6:00 PM 
THE YOUTH MISSION CENTER also have set up a Thrift Shop at 2237 Stoney Knoll near the Old Oyster House headed towards Monroe Bay Camp Grounds. Open every Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 9 am - 2 pm.  With men, women, children's & baby clothes, collectibles, glass & dishware, furniture & appliances. "No set prices", all items can be acquired by any reasonalble donation, and these donations go to support the Youth Center's mission: To support our youth and to help those in need. For more information call 804.224.0673.  Our "Newest Project" is the Youth Design Center located next to the Youth Thrift Shop!  
   * * * * * * * * * Pics of items for sale coming soon * * * * * * * * * *